Reviews & Testimonials for Allison @ SacramentoHoopDance.com 🙂

♥ One of the best things I ever did.  Hooping has been a great workout (hellooooo abs!) and also allowed me to meet many great people.  I’ve recently learned to LED hoop dance and Allisone has been AMAZING at teaching me tricks and tips EVERY CLASS.  For ladies or even the dudes looking for a rad hobby and new friends, we invite you to come to hoop class!!! You dont need to bring a hoop, just bring yourself and some cash.  I’ve bought some hoops from Allisone and they are beautiful and extremely well made (and portable!)  THANKS FOR BEING AMAZING ALLISONE!!! – Jen Y. via our Yelp listing

♥ Meeting Allison was fate! I’ve always wanted to be able to hula hoop and every time I tried, I failed horribly. From the second I started admiring her hopping, I had to talk to her! We started talking, I felt such energy that I can’t even explain into words. I had told her how I’ve never been able to hula hoop and she asked for a couple minutes of my time, gave me some tips and sure enough there I was, hula hooping! I was so incredibly excited!!! She then informed me of her classes she teaches! I was even more stoked! The class was amazing. I left feeling so different. I felt so happy and Accomplished. Allison has such a great group of people who share the same goals; hooping. I’m so grateful to have came across Allison. I’m looking forward to advancing and moving forward in hooping with Allison!! After attending one of the classes, I had to purchase a hoop. I was able to customly choose the colors and tapes I wanted! When it was finished early, I was able to come pick it up immediately! I’m so addicted! Full body work out…life changing! – Danielle N. via Allisone’s Gig Salad listing (see below)

2015-2 testimonial danielle N

♥ Allisone is a great girl she truly loves what she does. She made sure my daughters day was special and she took it to heart. She even customized her hula hoop w my daughters name. She is professional and has a great personality. I would recomend her to anyone 🙂 – Yvonne C. via Allisone’s Gig Salad listing (see below)

Screenshot 2015-10-22 13.33.16

♥ Allison Miller is a great teacher. ANYONE at ANY LEVEL can enjoy a class taught by her. My 12 year old daughter & I took a few classes with her & we had a blast together! Her classes are fun & inspiring. Alison is a sweet kind natured instructor. I was always happy to see her mother there rockin’ the hoop too! If you are looking for a fun, safe environment to try something new, a place where you can master your flow or just want a way to do cardio with a SMILE… Then I recommend signing up with Bloom Hoops (note: now SacramentoHoopDance.com)! – Via comments on our SN&R article posted online by Karen Feiling of Come Alive Art

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.24.19 PM

(From above) : I was having my son a 15th Birthday party for family and friends. I wanted an array of different entertainment. Glow necklaces and bracelets were going to be handed out at the party. I had seen hula hoop dancers in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Reno that would dance with not only one but multiple LED light hoops to music. I asked a few local DJ’s in Sacramento if they knew anyone that could do this, they did not. I did a google search and Allisone’s site came up. I thought I would e-mail her and ask. She advised me that she has done that herself, I sent her 3 songs and her performance was amazing!!!!… Her skills were great, she used a single as well as double hoops. A lot of our guest had never seen that before and were just so amazed and asked how did I find her. I recently went to a family 4th of July party and I was asked by multiple family members for her information as well as friends that could not make it if they can see the video. I would and have highly recommended her, she was great…. Thank you Allisone – Monica P. – via Allisone’s Gig Salad listing

♥ Allison has been coming to my home for the past few months and training me in the art of hoop dancing. I would highly recommend her patient and very calm demeanor, even when teaching me tricks that require a lot of technical skills! She’s always positive, even though I’m always bending down to pick up the hoop and start up again. I’m looking forward to my next lesson and what I’ll be able to accomplish in my hoop in the future! Thank you for sharing your gifts, Allison. – Joyce H. via Allisone’s Gig Salad listing

♥ I hired Allisone as a surprise for my wife on our wedding day and it was perfect. I was able to coordinate everything with her for a few weeks before and she had several great ideas. For her performance she met with a friend of mine so it could be a surprise and they set it all up while the reception was going on. The dance was stunning as it was at night with one of her glowing hoops. Then after that she spent the rest of the evening teaching hoop dancing to our guests. They loved it! I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in a unique and interactive dance performance experience. – Ryan C.via Allisone’s Gig Salad listing (see below)

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.25.14 PM

♥ I hired Allisone for my daughter’s 7th birthday party this past June. Not only did she provide all the hoops for our friends to play with, but she also surprised my daughter with a beautiful sparkly hula hoop as a gift! So sweet! Allisone was very patient with all the young guests, as well as the adults who decided to be brave and pick up a hoop. She is an excellent teacher and a fantastic hoop performer. Thank you for the awesome memories, Allisone! – Pamela via Allisone’s Gig Salad listing

♥ Allison’s love of people, hoops & hoop dance really shows. i highly recommend going out & playing w/ her – Stacie M. via our Yelp Page, 2011

♥ Alison is a amazing hooper who is passionate about what she does. I have been luckily enough to take one of her class’s and I have two custom hoops made by her… I highly recommend her if you have any hooping needs 🙂 – Amanda V. via our Yelp Page, 2010

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