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* note from Allison, May 31, 2016 — I’m in the process of shifting my life around to make room for more awesome adventures, so after 10 years of hand-crafting thousands of hoops that have gone to happy hoopers all over NorCal & all of California, the United States, (and even England & The Netherlands), I’ve decided to discontinue my larger-scale hoop making production.  I’m going to be selling off the last of my stock during classes/events/special request only. Get in touch with me if you’d like to claim one of the last ones for your collection 🙂 Also, see below for the remaining retail locations carrying our ready-made hoops 🙂 xo

In the future, I would highly recommend purchasing high quality beautifully made hoops from a good friend and fellow NorCal hooper, Shannon @ Dance Hoops! She has been making hoops for as long as I have, and makes a wide variety of hoops for beginners & advanced hoopers, reflective hoops, colored and natural poly pro & HDPE, + special designs like lace, silk flowers, glitter, and even sectional hoops that can change sizes for your convenience!  You can use code “SacHoop10” for 10% off your order ~ and she ships directly to your door! 😉


Code: “SacHoop10” saves you 10% on your orders @ Dance Hoops!  

Shop Online 24/7 from our friend Shannon’s wonderful shop, Dance Hoops!

(Shannon is also based in Northern California)

Shop here :

Allison’s Recommended Shops: * use code SacHoop10 for 10% off your order 🙂

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