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Sacramento HoopDance has been spinning hoops out into the world and the local community since 2007!

HoopSmith Allison makes hand crafted hoops for all ages and abilities, which are available for sale before and after classes, or by appointment. 

 Get in touch with me if you’d like to claim one for your hoop collection!

Hoops are available in:

  • 3/4″ PE 160 PSI tube (42″- 46″ used in class, available from 38″ – 60″)
  • 1/2″ PE 125 PSI tube (20″ – 40″ used in class, available in same range of sizes)

We also offer re-taping services to restore a current dance parter to their former glory or just get a “fresh coat of tape” 🙂 Get in touch with me if you’d like more info about re-taping services. 


Current available cloth and shine tapes

Current available hoop wraps*

    For wrap #1: Choose 2 cloth colors to spiral the hoop in opposite directions; $25
    For wrap #2: Choose 1 shine tape and 1 cloth color to spiral solidly around the hoop; $30
    For wrap #3: Choose 1 shine tape, 1 main cloth color (pink in example) and 1 accent cloth color (yellow in example) to spiral solidly around the hoop; $35
    For wrap #4: Choose up to 2 shine and up to 2 cloth colors to wrap solidly around the hoop; $40
    Add magic grip inner liner hoop:
    $8 for 1/2″ strip on cruise 160 psi hoop
    • $5 for 1/4″ strip on 120 psi zip hoop

*Please note, the colors show in the example photos may be out of stock or discontinued, please refer to the photo collage/menus on our square shop for current available colors. Thanks! 🙂 


Allison’s Recommended Shops for smart hoops, LED hoops, sectional poly pro hoops:

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